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The Annual Yodaai Olympics: Part 2

In which the men wrestled down the Short Puts and the ladies caught the train...(long Story!)

And so the events carried on and so did the participants and judges...

On to the Short Put...

Mr President, going first for Birmingham.

Mr Secretary, below, taking his turn for Birmingham...

And the host city reps next...

Throw it, brother!

Look at that thing flying...

Then the Auburnites took their turn...

Measuring the distance...

The Auburn Cheer squad below..

Awon Alagba, below...

And now, the ladies are going to catch the train below, with Montgomery on the left, Birmingham on the right & Auburn nowhere to be seen...

They will unpack & play dress up, sans mirror

Tie their geles and complete a traditional yoruba attire, pack up again and make a dash for the finish line...

The lady from Birmingham is done dressing up

and is off to the finish line

While the lady from Montgomery is looking for something???

She's off and gone, below!

And home dry but does that mean she wins??

Welcome home, finally, to the lady from Montgomery!

You must both be so exhausted...

E kaa bo s'o ri eto yi o

And Montgomery wins this one, just based on sheer will power and graceful coordination,

Coming up : Part 3 - The winners and a naming ceremony

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