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2018 Olympic Games (Auburn AL)

October 20, 2018. What an exciting day on the plains! Yodaai members showed their competitive and sportsmanship spirits in the 2018 Olympic games. Big thanks to the Auburnites for hosting a great event. Despite the rains, Yodaaites showed up and represented their teams in various sporting events. Kudos to all athletes and judges, and congratulations to the Montgomerians - the 2018 Champions!

Board games including ludo, chess and 'ayo'

Lime & spoon, egg toss and soccer ball juggling

Ping pong (table tennis) was very popular on game day :)

Group pictures...

War Eagle Crew

The Montogomerians - 2018 Champs!

The Birminghamians

The Auburnites - 2018 hosts

The Yodaai Nation

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