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The 2016 Yodaai Olympics / Picnic Part 3

Naming the Winners & Naming the Judges: A Yoruba Naming Ceremony - Sort of...

Behold the Montgomery winners of the 100m dash.

The 2nd Place winners for Auburn

Birmingham 3rd place winners ...

Tug of War winners from Birmingham

2nd place winners from Montgomery

Happy 3rd place winners from Auburn, below!

Lemon and spoon race winners from Auburn

2nd place winners from Birmingham

Sac Race Winners from Montgomery below

2nd place Sac race below

3rd Place Sac Race from Birmingham below

Egg toss Competition winners

2nd place winners egg toss, below

Birmingham winners

Auburn winners

Our judges and the social secretary

Winning the catching the train - Montgomery, below

and now, the Trophy Handover

The city of Montgomery wins

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

And now a naming ceremony that is long overdue...

Performed by the Chairman of the Board who asked all in favor of the names to say YEAH!

"Omobolanle" for the mother and "Adebola " for the son

All in favor said Yeah!!!

Donations for the newly named judge and her son, below.

You guys are truly the best for coming to honor us with your presence every year

A great big thank you from all of us in Montgomery - we thank you for coming and competing, all in good spirits.

See you next year in Birmingham

F. A

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