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The Ibadan Yodaaites have done it again!

Were you there at the May 20th meeting of Yodaai in Montgomery, Al?

You missed a special treat from our 1st Original Ibadan Yodaai President

Dr Oluyinka Adediji who arranged for a very talented young elewi gentleman

to salute many members with traditional greetings,


This is usually delivered in a song like fashion.

If you missed it, don't worry - here it is again, for a recap,

in its full glory, for your listening pleasure!

A full recap of the meeting is to follow in a separate posting.

Meanwhile, there was a (private & fun) debate on the authenticity of some claims to Royalty in some people's lineage. I was asked for proof.

Here's my proof with the Staff of office of the Olumoro of MORO at a recent family event.

The ball is now in your court, 'Prince and Princess' of Auburn.

We Are Yoruba People.

This. Is. How. We. Do .It.

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